DMTC’s 85th Anniversary

In 2010, the DMTC celebrated its 85th anniversary.The club was founded in 1925. An exhibition of the club’s history was held at the Dorval Museum of Local History and Heritage.



Here are some pictures (circa 1960) rescued from DMTC files. These photos are sure to bring good memories. Look at the style (all white?), the Club House on Brunet ave., their rackets...
The four DMTC former members look in shape and really happy to be at the Club. From left to right: Ken Hill, Claudette Belisle, Louise Vinet Langston & Phil Brunet. The picture is from a mixed doubles final.


Children have been always welcome at DMTC. These nine young players not only look talented but impressive in their all white uniforms. We managed to recognize some of young players in the picture. From left to right front row: Jim Hay. He visits the club at times. In the 2nd  row: Tom Finlay, a current honorary member and one of the Founders of the Club (he also visits sometimes from Belleville), Tim Philpotts and John Philpotts, his twin brother at the very end of row 1.  The others...?


Over the years, the Club has had its good share of celebrations. In this great color picture, three beautiful former club members and players participate in a local parade on the streets of Dorval. On the Float for the Miss Dorval Tennis Club contest from left to right: Claudette Bélisle,  tennis maid of honor, Louise Vinet Langston (Miss DTC) and Bev Payson,  tennis maid of honor.


This is a great action shot recovered from DMTC vaults. The player's name is unfortunately unknown yet his ripping backhand looks rather impressive... Great technique! He also seems very fashionable for the times!



This last picture shows Ken Hill receiving the men’s singles trophy.
From left to right: Phil Brunet, David Alexander, current honorary  active member of our club, Claudette Bélisle, Tom Finlay, Louise Vinet Langston,current honorary  active member of our Club,  Ken Hill, David Allan and Phyllis Charlick. The current mixed doubles trophy bears the name ‘’Phyllis and Jack Charlick’’ in honour of their voluntary time-contribution to the club for decades.

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